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Dog Village

Saturday April 13th 2024
1pm to 3pm

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Donations to be made for each service below to the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind 


Dog Pawtrait​

Are you ready to immortalise your furry companion in a stunning portrait that captures their unique personality and charm? Our Student photographer will be onsite waiting to take your best pals pic! Digital copies only can be purchased on-site or online.

Donate a minimum of €5 for your digital print.

Pawprint Painting


​​A pawprint painting is a unique and personalized piece of artwork created using your pet's actual pawprints. Our talented artists carefully capture the texture and shape of your pet's paw, turning it into a stunning painting that captures their essence and personality.

Donate €5 for your painting onsite


Step into a world where your furry friend's larger-than-life personality comes to life through the whimsical art of dog caricatures! Our dog caricature service is here to transform your beloved pooch into a charming and hilarious masterpiece that will bring joy to your heart and smiles to everyone who sees it. Donate €10 for your caricature onsite

Homemade Dog Treats

Treat your furry friend to the love and care they deserve with our delectable homemade dog treats! Made with wholesome ingredients and bursting with flavor, our treats are guaranteed to make tails wag and mouths water. Donate €5 for your treats onsite

Wellness Checks

We're thrilled to offer on-site dog wellness checks, providing attendees with a convenient opportunity to ensure their furry friends are in optimal health. These wellness checks will cover various aspects of your dog's well-being, including weight, dental health, coat condition, and overall physical fitness.  We aim to promote proactive pet care while creating a supportive environment for pet owners to prioritise their dog's health.

Canine Behaviour

We're ecstatic to announce that we'll have Naomi O' Shea from Positive Puppy joining us at the event to offer expert advice and guidance to all your furry attendees! Whether you have questions about obedience training, socialisation, or addressing behavioral challenges, Naomi will be on hand to provide personalised tips and insights tailored to your dog's individual needs. 


Dog Grooming

We have a talented and experienced Dog Groomer from Woof Woof Wagging joining us at the event to offer valuable advice and grooming tips for all our four-legged attendees! Whether your pup needs a trim, a bath, or just some general grooming guidance, our skilled groomer will be available to provide personalised recommendations tailored to your dog's coat type and grooming needs.

Face Painting

For the little ones and the young at heart! Our fabulous artists will add a splash of fun and colour to your face. Donate €5 for your face painting onsite

Face painting



Don't worry we haven't forgotten about you, there will be refreshments available on the day provided by Sidewalk Catering.


Location - Where it's all happening

Dunboyne College of Further Education

Dunboyne College of Further Education

Ulreeka's Wagathon

Ulreeka's Wagathon

No Parking at the event itself, please park at Dunboyne College of Further Education

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