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Sponsored Dog Walk

Saturday April 13th 2024
11am to 1pm

Ulreekas Paws

Registration begins at 10am

Ulreeka's Paw

Come and join Ulreeka on this dog friendly walk in aid of Irish Guide Dogs. Its a great opportunity to spend the day bonding with your furry friend and meet other dog lovers in your community. There is the option of a 2km or 4km route to cater for all fitness levels. You can register online or in person on the day. All participants are to meet at our Dog Village in the college car park at 10am to register, where you will receive a free hi-vis for your dog on arrival. All of the funds raised go directly to Irish Guide Dogs, we would really appreciate your support so get registered and Move Your Paws for a Wonderful Cause!

4km Route

Map of route

2km Route

Map of route

Start and finish point - Dunboyne College Car Park

start finish flag
start finish flag

No Parking at the event itself, please park at Dunboyne College of Further Education

Going for a walk

Rules and Regulations for the Sponsored Dog Walk

  1. Each handler is permitted to walk only one dog during the event to ensure manageable control and safety for all participants.

  2. All dogs must be on a leash at all times during the walk to ensure safety for all participants and their pets.

  3. Participants are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs. Please bring waste bags and dispose of them properly in designated bins.

  4. Keep your dog under control at all times. Aggressive behavior towards other dogs or people will not be tolerated.

  5. Participants should not greet someone else’s dog without permission from the owner to ensure the comfort and safety of all dogs involved.

  6. Handlers must be over 18 years old to participate in the walk.

  7. Any dog on the restricted list due to aggressive behavior or breed-specific regulations must be muzzled during the walk for the safety of other participants and their pets.

  8. Participants must follow the designated route provided by the event organizers. Straying from the path is not permitted.

  9. Dogs should be up-to-date on vaccinations and in good health to participate in the walk.

  10. Participants are encouraged to bring water for themselves and their dogs to stay hydrated during the walk.

  11. Please be mindful of the environment and avoid littering along the route.

  12. All participants must adhere to any additional rules or instructions provided by event staff or volunteers

  13. By participating in the event, all participants agree to abide by these rules and waive any liability from the event organizers.

  14. Have fun and enjoy the walk with your furry friend while supporting a good cause!

Going for a Walk
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